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Success stories

P.A.R.T.I. Program, San Jose

“Youth organization molds leaders of tomorrow”

The Positive Alternative Recreation Teambuilding Impact program (PARTI) has been in existence since 2001. As a 501c3 organization (tax exempt non-profit), its purpose is to build today’s youth into the leaders of tomorrow through education, leadership development, mentoring, making healthy choices, and volunteerism in the community.  The organization’s founder, Winston Ashby, spends a great deal of time working with youth at the high school and middle school levels on San Jose’s eastside. The organization is largely dependent on grants and fundraisers to further its mission, sustain its employees, and continue to increase its revenues.

PARTI operates programs for youth in both Northern and Southern California. Due to his dedicated work with youth, Winston has inspired many of students to realize their dream of going to college and building a career for themselves. One of the program’s most famous graduates appeared as a finalist on the TV show “American Idol”.   

Davidson Films Inc., Silicon Valley

Davidson Films, Inc. is a small, family-owned and operated documentary film company that specializes in producing educational content for college-level courses   including psychology, neuroscience, and early childhood development. Daughter Jean and her husband Trent want to continue her family’s legacy in producing premium documentary content for consumption in the U.S. and international markets. With their academic and professional background combined, Jean and Trent shared a passion in higher education, and were determined to acquire the family business and take it to the next level. They had decided to become the new owners and were eagerly seeking capital to finance acquisition of the family-run business.

Atagol Fitness, San Jose

“New mom launches family friendly fitness program”

As a stay at home mom, Julie Schnitzer, wanted to start a fitness program for other new moms in the Los Gatos area. She felt that her experience with fitness combined with the busy schedule of new mom’s would enable her to connect with others in the community; offering fitness and bonding time to other mom’s and their children.

Axiom Mobile Imaging, Silicon Valley

Axiom Mobile Imaging has a passion for serving the most vulnerable of patient populations - seniors and others with limited mobility. We make their lives easier by bringing state of the art diagnostic exams (x-rays, ultrasounds, EKGs, Cardiac Echoes and more) to their homes or bedsides if they can't easily get to a hospital. We build strong networks with treating physicians, post-acute care providers, home health companies and caregivers to help provide the support network required to ease patients gradually back to their homes from an injury or illness that may have led to a hospitalization. In today's challenging environment, we do this as a low cost and low hassle alternative to transporting patients to a hospital, where they may face expensive readmission.

Mani Snacks, Los Gatos

Mani Snacks/PQX Inc. has developed a very popular Brazilian snack food for the US market. The products, Pão de Queijo (pown-deh-kay-zho), are savory rolls made of tapioca starch and cheese, sold frozen, ready to be baked by the consumer.

Founded by a Brazilian native, Mani Snacks is marketing their product to high-end retail food stores such as Whole Foods Market and Draeger’s Market as a tasty and healthy (gluten-free) frozen snack food.

HiQ Solar, Palo Alto

HiQ Solar, Inc. is dedicated to innovation in the area of solar power and renewable energy.

Founded in 2009, the company draws on decades of industry experience in high-tech, with a veteran team from the precision communications test and measurement field. With a successful track record of bringing leading-edge products to market, we use a systematic approach to reliability and user-focused design.

CARE for the Bay Area, Los Gatos

CARE for the Bay Area is a new medical clinic and embryology laboratory providing personalized care for people attempting to build families. A full range of reproductive technologies is provided in a warm comfortable setting. CARE focuses specifically on treatments that are designed to reduce the cost, emotional stress, technological intervention, and ethical dilemmas often associated with infertility treatment. CARE for the Bay Area offers a full spectrum of infertility services, including medical tests to diagnose infertility, medical advice and treatments to help a woman become pregnant, and services other than routine prenatal care to help to prevent miscarriage. In only the first months of operations, CARE was able to provide successful outcomes for six families.

Beverly Leftwich, MS MFT, Cupertino

Before Beverly Leftwich, MS MFT, started her couple and individual counseling and therapy practice, she was a landscape architect and found her calling through volunteering her time in couples and individual recovery on drug & alcohol addiction. She gained a lot of satisfaction from her volunteer work and decided to switch careers and pursue the path of clinical counseling and therapy for individuals, couples and families.

Beverly is a graduate of Dominican University of California with a Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology. She completed the required 3,000 hours of internship before passing the exam to become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. One of her specialties is in the area of addiction recovery and couples counseling.

Petits Confettis, A French Immersion Pre-School, Mountain View

Helene Gsell, owner of Petits Confettis (which means “Small Confettis” because children are like little confettis in a carnival that represent life being spread everywhere with a lot of fun! ), a new French immersion pre-school based in Mountain View, has a dream of opening an early child development center with the hope of exposing children to the French language and its rich culture. Based on her own experience as a mom with 2 young children, she understands the importance of providing quality French education through a kid-friendly, play-based program model, where children learn best through creativity and curiosity, while building confidence in embracing a new language in a bilingual/multi-lingual environment.

The Yoga Studio, Campbell

The Yoga Studio owner Pik Chu Wong launched her business in September 2010 as a way of giving back to the community as a gift of health and life that was given to her through years of practicing and teaching Yoga. Mrs. Wong was diagnosed in her late teens with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), a chronic disorder that results in bone erosion and joint deformity. Her doctors anticipated that she would require a wheelchair by age 30 and would never have children of her own. Mrs. Wong has been completely medication free for the last 7 years and has given birth to a daughter. Practicing and teaching Yoga were an essential part in finding a natural way to combat Rheumatoid Arthritis.