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Atagol Fitness, San Jose

“New mom launches family friendly fitness program”

As a stay at home mom, Julie Schnitzer, wanted to start a fitness program for other new moms in the Los Gatos area. She felt that her experience with fitness combined with the busy schedule of new mom’s would enable her to connect with others in the community; offering fitness and bonding time to other mom’s and their children.

Julie quickly discovered that though she had experience in both business administration and fitness, combining the two together was not as easy as she expected. She conducted independent research online and discovered that she could find additional support from her local Hispanic Satellite/Silicon Valley SBDC.

In March 2014, Julie contacted the SBDC and began working with Business Advisor Alvaro Sanchez. With the SBDC’s support and guidance Julie was able to talk to an advisor who understands business and was able to direct her through the appropriate channels to make her dream a reality.

As a result of the SBDC and the support and guidance of her Business Advisor, Julie has now incorporated her business, hired a part-time employee, and has made some monetary investments in her business for marketing purposes.

“[The Silicon Valley SBDC] has kept me on track with the mechanics of the business start. But more importantly, they encouraged me to think big so I can make a much larger impact than I originally intended. It is invaluable to have a coach with whom I can share my ideas before putting them into action.”

Atagol Fitness LLC
CEO: Julie Schnitzer
San Jose, CA